Are you curious about what Stella-Pride Academy has on offer, and how it works? See the Frequently Asked Questions. If we have not answered all your questions, please send further enquiries to info@stellaprideacademy.school

  1. Subject remedial for where a student is underachieving.
  2. Examination Preparation.
  3. External examination retake tutoring.
  4. Tutoring to deepen learning and progress skills.
  5. Full secondary school education.
  6. Full Cambridge AS and A/Levels program.
  7. International Baccalaureate (IB) tutoring.


SPA is a registered school in Nigeria.

Classes run any time of the month and year.


Stella-Pride Academy works with Private and Public schools in Nigeria, International examination bodies and universities both internationally and locally to present exam takers to centres to sit their examinations


The examination certificates will only bear the name of the issuing examination body.

The Career Advising Unit of SPA works directly with universities around the world to place students in Post-secondary institutions, as well as securing scholarships.

No. The examination fees would be same as published by examination bodies. However, there would be a stand-alone Administrative charge.

Fees are charged per subject / course.

Fees are paid into SPA account through bank transfer mediums, and evidence of payment is presented to proceed with registration.

Yes. This may be monthly, quarterly, termly, or as arranged

A phone, laptop, tablet, or a desktop computer; internet connection, and perhaps a pen drive


Learning resources are provided, and materials are used from the internet. However, reference texts are optional.


Students interested in any curriculum are very welcome as Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is created for each learner and the curriculum of their choice will be delivered.


A Special Education Needs expert works on the Academic Support team to collaboratively design an IEP and monitor the learning of the student needing on Special Education Needs Support.

  • Academic supervisor and counsellor support for each student
  • Special Education Needs coordinator (SENCO) evaluation of individual students’ learning progress
  • Professional Education Evaluation (SEN)
  • SEN Accommodation for internal and external examinations
  • Online extracurricular provision
  • Fees payment plans
  • Career-advising and University placements
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